“Convey my teaching (to the people) even if it were one sentence” [Sahih Bukhari 3461]

Horrors of Judgement Day

Quran (70:8-18)

On that Day the sky will be like molten brass and the mountains like ˹tufts of˺ wool. And no close friend will ask ˹about˺ their friends, ˹although˺ they will be made to see each other. The wicked will wish to ransom themselves from the punishment of that Day by their children, their spouses, their siblings, their clan that sheltered them, and everyone on earth altogether, just to save themselves. But no! There will certainly be a raging Flame ripping off scalps. It will summon whoever turned their backs ˹on Allah˺ and turned away ˹from the truth˺, and gathered and hoarded ˹wealth˺.

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